Don't take it Personally

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2017

As I take a moment to reflect on my incredible journey of intense highs and devastating lows, I smile at the lessons with which I’ve been blessed. Lessons that have challenged my core, rocked my foundations and made me stronger with each revelation. I feel blessed to have built the resilience, nurtured humility and focused on empathy enabling my ability to work through these challenges with kindness, objectivity and free of judgement.

You see I believe that every challenge is a gift. A test to check if we’re ready for the next instalment of life. A life that offers fantastical experiences.  Enlightening star spangled moments in time if we just allow ourselves entry, give ourselves permission and believe we are worthy of such splendour.

So why am I sharing my latest lesson and entitling it ‘Don’t Take It Personally’?

Throughout my time I’ve unconsciously and willingly given myself, my time, my energy, love and support to so many. I do this unconditionally but I had an interesting conversation with one of my closest friends about my recent business launch. Now I know you’ll get it when I say that the majority of the people I’ve supported, happily return the gesture but there have been a few that haven’t and were highlighted by my friend.

She was disappointed that some people weren’t supporting my venture as I’d given so much of myself to them. For a second I entertained this discussion but quickly stopped its progression and explained that I do my best not to place an expectation on my goodwill. When I do, it’s not goodwill at all and I can choose to take it personally when people don’t return the gesture. This can trigger all kinds of negative emotional reactions that only ever work against me.

I do what I do because it’s who I am, not for what I can get in return. I believe unconditional kindness is rewarded in ways we can’t perceive and in ways that may never come to light but without question, make the world a better place.

Ladies, I’m by no means perfect at applying this skill but my life and the world is a better place when I don’t take it personally.


Alison. X

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