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Thanks for popping in to see what this is all about.

I'm Alison Delaney, mother of a beautiful young lady, wife to an amazing gentleman, global business owner, executive coach, inspirational speaker and children's author. Phew!

I'm exhausted just reading that.......

and that's why I've decided to create this special programme. We don't have to compromise to achieve our dreams and ambitions.

This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


I've been told by many what I should compromise and why my vision isn't realistic and I get such a kick out of proving anythings possible.

You will have the opportunity to become part of a supportive, inspiring community of women on a journey of self discovery.

I've decided to take my knowledge, experiences and workshops from private entry to a public forum as so many women request admission.

You will experience personal growth within a safe and confidential environment and gain emotional and intellectual tools to support the implementation of your goals, ambitions, dreams and ultimate vision.

Although this is a members only community, I wanted to give you the opportunity to attend a workshop before making the decision to join. I've also included the membership as an option in the checkout as I know many of you already know me and have experienced my workshops, seen me deliver keynote speeches or worked with me on a much more personal basis with 1:1 coaching. If you're unsure about whether my workshops are for you, then take a look below at some of the wonderful ladies who have attended my workshops already and hear what they have to say about their experiences. Keep on rising up!

Workshop Testimonials

Hear from some of the fantastic, empowered women who have have attended my recent Summer Workshops. If you feel inspired by what they say and want to see what it's all about, keep dropping by for news on my New Year Workshops - announcement coming soon!

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Alison's "Rise Up" Coaching Package

My Rise Up 1:1 coaching package is shaped around you and we’ll work together in partnership to find the best way of tapping in to your wants and needs.

Although I'm only 50% of the relationship I'm 100% committed to helping you achieve your dreams.


Hi, I'm Alison Paradiuk, 2 years ago as a privileged Trainer with a British PLC Company I was invited along with 11 other trainers to a pilot scheme for the company. I walked into the room to meet the most incredible lady I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Alison Delaney. Alison had been brought in to help and support us all to totally revamp the training we delivered. Alison has this unique ability to help you find greatness within yourself, she has something so special that helps you look for your purpose which totally empowers you. Alison facilitates hands on training enabling the delegates to source the answers in a fun environment. This incredible lady has helped so many people to identify what holds them back from being the best they can possibly be. I feel totally humbled and blessed that Alison came into our lives.



Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Trainer


To achieve anything in life ... you need to truly believe in yourself. But sometimes in life we lose our direction and forget our own self worth .... And when you are there it can be a hard cycle to break free from so what you need is a person who helps remove all your limiting self beliefs and gets you get back on track to be the best version of you. Alison Delaney is that person for me. I have been fortunate enough to have known Alison for a number of years now and whenever I get into that tough cycle in life she will be the first person that I reach out to. Alison is very passionate about what she does and helping others comes so naturally to her that you will always feel at ease when working with her. Alison thanks for being you and always believing in me.



Global Service Manager at Vodafone Global Enterprise


I first saw Alison Delaney at a Company Training Event. She was the guest speaker and the topic was looking at what was stopping us achieving our dreams. I can remember being totally captivated by her passion, her sincerity and her ability to motivate and inspire. I didn't want her session to end - nor did the additional two thousand participants. Here was someone who was "real", who was "authentic", and whose purpose was to help us realise our core values: to take back control, and to empower every single person in the room to truly believe in, and achieve our goals in life. Fast forward 3 years and I have had the privilege of working with Alison in both smaller groups and on 121 coaching sessions. Suffice to say, I have benefitted massively in all areas of my life - I've even started to take regular exercise instead of just thinking about it! There is never any "magic bullet" for personal growth or mind shifts, but Alison taps into your very heart and works with you to create a self-belief that creates the platform to allow you to go for it, whatever "it" is for you. If you are seriously looking for change, for permission and a safe environment, to follow your goals and dreams, The "Empowering Women" Workshop programme will provide the belief and the tools. Can't recommend Alison, or her Workshops highly enough.



Video & Film Producer